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F1 Cover Generator

Web based thumbnail generator for Formula 1 races. Images are queried from reddit.

Example Images
Ploing Header Image

Well known game with a ball and two paddles. Multiplayer enabled with Node.js and

Himawari Downloader Header Image
Himawari Downloader

Himawari Downloader let's you download earth images with resolutions up to 11000px. It is Java based and downloads in multiple threads simultaneously.

Adode Media Encoder Autoshutdown Header Image
Adobe Media Encoder Autoshutdown

A small Java application that watches a file and will shutdown your computer if the file is present. (e.g.: After rendering)

Formula 1 Statistics Header Image
r/formula1 user statistics (Discontinued)

A small website that shows diagrams of the active users on the formula1 subreddit. Export to JSON, Image and Excel is also available.

Learn the Clock Header Image
Learn The Clock

Website I created for a teacher to help students learn the clock.

DS3231 Header Image
DS3231 Time Sync

A small Java application that helps you set your DS3231 real time clock to the accurate time using a serial connection.

Advanced Electric Header Image
Factorio Mod: Advanced Electric

Factorio modification that reduces the space and amount needed for solar panels and accumulators. Less repetition; more fun! 40.000+ Downloads!

Factorio Mod PageGitHub
Logistic Status Header Image
Factorio Mod: Logistic Status (Discontinued)

Factorio modification to show the logistic status in a little icon in the top left.

Factorio Mod PageGitHub